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SORDI is a Somalia-focused, independent think tank, multidisciplinary research and capacity development institute specializing in addressing complex health, education, disaster climate resilience and humanitarian crisis in Somalia. SORDI focuses on institutional capacity development and the comprehensive study of disaster resilience, climate change adaption, natural resources management and water, nutrition and food security, health systems, sustainable and quality education, public financial management and media and governance.

SORDI promotes innovation through resilience leadership, programming, and knowledge management. Since its foundation in 2015, SORDI was established to act as a coordinating agent to facilitate multidisciplinary learning, capacity building and knowledge transfer among government institutions, donors, civil society, private sector, communities and research centres and universities in Somalia and abroad.

The primary objective of SORDI is to strengthen the capacity of people, infrastructure and systems by applying rigorous scientific research, conducting advanced specialized and promoting robust learning between communities, government, NGOs, INGOs and donors.

SORDI is implementing knowledge management programs funded by international donors for the Somali communities across federal member states and Somaliland as well as Ministries of Federal Government of Somalia, Federal Member States and Somaliland.


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SORDI has been working with funding agencies; implementing partners and target communities in the planning, implementation and monitoring of the project activities at field level, operational and strategic levels. SORDI has strong working experience in partnership with the project beneficiaries through participatory approaches where all stakeholders are involved in all project steps. Through this approach, community participation, project ownership, accountability and transparency are boosted. SORDI has experience in soliciting the support of the community leaders, state authorities and humanitarian agencies. It has a vast network of researchers, enumerators and field workers operating in Somaliland, Puntland, Galmudug, Hirshabelle, Southwest, Jubaland and Federal Government to enhance the acceptance of the project outcome and its eventual sustainability