SORDI Organized FMS Dissemination Activities for Bar ama Baro Project

In February, SORDI a local partner of the Lasser team, organized Federal Member State (FMS) dissemination activities in three states: Southwest, Jubballand, and Hirshabelle. These activities played a crucial role in sharing the findings of an extensive external evaluation study conducted over two academic years.

The primary objective of the study was to assess the effectiveness of the Bar ama Baro project, an initiative aimed at providing quality education to all. The dissemination activities brought together key stakeholders, including teachers, head teachers, and Community Education Committee (CEC) members, to gather valuable feedback on the project’s impact and identify areas for improvement.

During these sessions, the participants had the opportunity to share their experiences and insights, providing a comprehensive understanding of the project’s strengths and weaknesses. Their input is invaluable in shaping future strategies and ensuring that the Bar ama Baro project continues to meet the educational needs of the communities it serves.

The feedback collected during these dissemination activities will serve as a guiding force for future initiatives, helping the Lasser team and its partners to refine their approaches and implement effective measures to enhance the quality of education in the region.