Advancing Midwifery Education in Somalia

On September 20, 2023, the Somali Research and Development Institute (SORDI) organized a validation meeting for midwifery stakeholders. The purpose of this meeting was to validate and finalize the findings of a rapid assessment conducted on midwifery pre-service education in Mogadishu and Galgaduud. The assessment aimed to assess the extent to which midwifery pre-service education programs meet national and global standards, and propose recommendations for improvement.

The validation meeting brought together a diverse group of stakeholders, including representatives from midwifery training institutions, FMoH midwifery focal point, Somali Midwifery Association (S0MA), UNFPA, WHO,and other relevant organizations. During the meeting, the findings of the rapid assessment were presented and discussed in detail. The stakeholders provided valuable insights, feedback, and suggestions based on their own experiences and perspectives.

The stakeholders highlighted the importance of producing competent and skilled midwives who can provide quality care to women and newborns. They emphasized the need for a comprehensive and standardized curriculum that covers both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The significance of strengthening clinical training opportunities and ensuring competent faculty members was also emphasized.

Following the validation meeting, SORDI will incorporate the stakeholders’ feedback and suggestions into the final version of the manuscript. SORDI aims to disseminate the finalized manuscript widely among relevant stakeholders, including policymakers, educators, healthcare providers, and development partners. The report will serve as a valuable resource for guiding future interventions and investments in midwifery pre-service education in Mogadishu and Galgaduud, ultimately contributing to improved maternal and newborn health outcomes in Somalia.